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PMO | Innotas

At Cosmo Cloud, we aim to transform your organization, one project at a time. Cosmo Cloud PMO helps provide visibility into the current state of your organization’s portfolio of IT projects, applications, and opportunities. Once we determine the overall health of your organization, we can effectively plan and establish a successful portfolio and governance structure, operating principles and management processes that fit your group objectives. Cosmo Cloud PMO delivers portfolio dashboards and analysis that provides management with visibility into the performance of individual projects and portfolios. This allows executives and managers to see how their project portfolios are performing against defined business objectives, planned costs and schedules. Our PMO identifies portfolio issues and risks giving management the ability to proactively address and resolve them in a timely manner.

As a strategic implementation partner with Innotas, Cosmo Cloud can help implement a 100% Cloud Based Portfolio Management Solution for IT Management, PMO’s, and Agile Development Management.

Portfolio Management

  • Integrated views of the entire Portfolio
  • Portfolio assessment, prioritization, selection, oversight
  • Portfolio performance tracking/assessment

Resource Management

  • Project Demand scheduling
  • Resource Capacity and utilization tracking
  • Resource requests and assignment tracking

Project Management

  • Project cost and resource estimate assistance
  • Project manager request intake and fulfillment
  • Project management quality support

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